Now Digital Asset Security Gets Mobility

Sign secured transactions and approve policies on the go with our newly launched Liminal Vaults App

Liminal Digital Asset Wallet Banner

Create MPC Wallets on mobile
Secure cold wallets build on top of Multi Party Computation (MPC) technology with flexible user approvals M of N.

Sign Transactions Effortlessly 
Sign transactions and approve policy requests like whitelisting addresses, transaction limits etc., from your Liminal Vaults App independent of devices like Trezor or Ledger. This allows you to manage your policies with ease and flexibility from anywhere, at any time.

Smooth Activation/Seamless Onboarding 
Our app has been designed with a single-minded focus on improving your user experience. With a simple UI and easy navigation, our app seamlessly guides you through the onboarding process – from download to account setup and other feature access.

Keep up with the Regulatory Compliance
We have carefully crafted our backend infrastructure with TRM Labs and Notabene for secure and compliant transactions. With the Vaults App, you can confidently sign transactions while ensuring both security and regulatory compliance.