Introducing Smart Refill Wallet

Cryptocurrency platforms can now secure their assets and automate operations without any infrastructure alterations.

This revolutionary solution is created by industry experts with the first-hand knowledge in building and running cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Liminal Wallet infrastructure Problem Solving Solution

What problem is it solving?

The refilling of the withdrawal wallet is often a time-consuming process as the relevant team would need to monitor the liquidity balance and initiate transactions to refill them. Balancing this activity with ensuring just the right amount of assets are on withdrawal wallets to minimize security risk is a challenge. They need to ensure smooth operations while keeping the funds safe and maintaining enough liquidity to handle any withdrawal requests.

Conventional wallet infrastructure fails to handle the immensely growing crypto adoption. Smart Refill Wallet is solving this problem with ease and efficiency.

How does it work?

Smart Refill Wallet substitutes the warm wallet with a Refill solution, which serves as a bridge between the cold and the hot wallets. It specifies the number of refill transactions, the amount per refill, and the cooldown duration between refills.

It continuously monitors and executes periodic refills in accordance with the parameters established by the platform’s refill policies.

What are the benefits?


Ready-to-use platform with minor adjustments to the existing operational process and wallet infrastructure 

Multi-Signature Wallets

This allows the platforms to distribute transaction signing rights to multiple users. Multi-party transaction authorization improves accountability and removes single points of failure


Each Smart Refill Wallet is solely associated with one hot wallet, which practically excludes the option of transferring funds to any unverified or risky addresses 

Seamless Refilling

The Smart Refill Wallet function automatically as per the predefined policies. The refill process will start once the declared parameters are met for refill frequency or the minimum wallet liquidity threshold value

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Can I add a certain threshold for wallet refill?
The ability to add a certain threshold for wallet refill depends on the features and options the specific wallet provider provides. Some wallets may offer settings or preferences that allow users to set a predefined threshold for automatic wallet refills when the balance falls below a specified amount.
Is it safe to use the Smart Refill Wallet for high-value transactions?
The safety of using the Smart Refill Wallet for high-value transactions depends on the wallet provider’s specific security measures and reputation. It is recommended to ensure the wallet has robust security protocols such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and adherence to industry best practices to mitigate risks associated with high-value transactions.
How can I add funds to my Smart Refill Wallet?
To add funds to your Smart Refill Wallet, you can typically follow these steps: Access the Smart Refill Wallet platform or app. Navigate to the “Add Funds” or “Deposit” section. Choose the desired funding method, such as bank transfer, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency. Follow the instructions provided to complete the deposit process and add funds to your Smart Refill Wallet.
What happens if my Smart Refill Wallet transaction fails?
Failed transactions don’t occur that frequently with a smart refill wallet. But it is important to note that each transaction that fails will cost an amount based on the prices and gas fees. So, if one of your transactions fails, adjust slippage or gas, and try again.
Can I use the Smart Refill Wallet to refill any wallet?
Yes, you can use a smart refill wallet to refill your wallet in accordance with the predefined rules automatically. It usually starts filling your wallet once the declared parameters are met.