Power Your Platform with Liminal’s Solution

Integrates readily with your existing infrastructure in just few steps

Liminal Wallet SDK and APIs for all your enterprise needs

Developer friendly tools for a user-friendly crypto management solution

Liminal Wallet SDK

Integrates our digital asset wallets seamlessly with your application. Using the robust, unified interface, you can interact, create, sign, and manage transactions involving multiple digital assets from one place. Available in JavaScript and TypeScript

Test Till You Are Satisfied

Test Till You Are Satisfied

Unsure about the deployment? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Use our Test Environment connected to testnets of all supported protocols before switching over to the Production Environment

Liminal API Suite

Using something other than JavaScript in your application? Our REST API suite will provide the necessary tools and resources to connect with Liminal solutions.

Your Connection is Secure

Your Connection is Secure

There is no such thing as too much security. We take the need for security seriously, that’s why all requests from Liminal APIs and SDKs are channelled only through TLS and HTTPS connection protocols.

Get the best out of our solutions

Need for Liminal Integration

From hacking attacks to key mismanagement, crypto assets are always under threat. Using the right combination of wallets with significant automation and incorporation of best practices helps minimize these threats. Liminal’s solutions are designed keeping these in mind. Enterprises can adopt Liminal’s end-to-end wallet infrastructure solution or augment their existing setup with our products.

  • Enhance the security of your existing infrastructure with Liminal’s solutions
  • Automate your wallet processes while incorporating best industry practices
  • Minimize your overall operation costs

Our SDK and APIs

Liminal Software Development Kit (SDK) and APIs provides the necessary tools to connect Liminal’s wallet solution with your application. With Liminal SDK, you can list all wallets with their balances and transaction records, generate hot wallet addresses, access public keys of addresses, access HSM devices, create and sign transactions, monitor transaction status and more.

  • Seamless integration with Liminal wallet infrastructure solution
  • Liminal SDK for JavaScript and TypeScript based applications
  • REST API for integrating Liminal services with apps built using other languages

Test and Production Environments

In the Liminal ecosystem, we have both test and production environments in place to help developers test their integrations on testnet before connecting their applications to the mainnet. Both environments remain isolated from each other with no overlap of data or accounts.

  • Default access to test environment for everyone requesting access to dev tools
  • Connect to testnets of all supported protocols for simulated integration and performance testing of your apps following integration
  • Switch endpoints to enter production environment, connected to the mainnet of all supported digital assets

Supported Assets

At present Liminal supports 16 different blockchain protocols, with a lot more to be added soon. We will continue to expand the list of supported protocols as and when they become readily compatible with multisignature transactions and hardware security module signing.

Premium Support

Our team is always ready to help. If you need more information about the Liminal DeFi solution or assistance with deployment, reach out to us.
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For Developers

We have simple and robust client SDKs and other assets in place to help you integrate our digital asset wallets with your application. Check out the Liminal SDK and APIs, read out extensive documentation for more information. Contact us if you need more help.