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Secure Access to DeFi Protocols and Liquidity Pools for Institutional Investors and Enterprises

Explore How Liminal Wallets Offers Seamless DeFi Protocol Integration and Connectivity

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Liminal DeFi, Your Window to the DeFi Ecosystem

Manage crypto portfolios across all leading DeFi protocols from one place

Liminal DeFi Dashboard

Liminal Secure API based DeFi dashboard to access multiple DeFi protocols across the ecosystem from within the desired safety parameters for quick discoverability of profit-making opportunities and more.

Liminal DeFi API

Liminal DeFi API

Automate interactions with DeFi protocols directly from Liminal HSM based multisig and MPC wallets by customizing our DeFi APIs.

Liminal Browser Extension

Liminal Browser Extension

Conventional DeFi experience delivered with enterprise level security by connecting your Liminal wallet through our DeFi browser extension

DeFi Policy Shield

DeFi Policy Shield

Ensure complete compliance with your strategies and security policies by predefining operational parameters to be strictly enforced by the Liminal Policy Shield module.

Delivering DeFi in an Enterprise Setting

DeFi Security Issues

DeFi protocols are known to offer attractive yields to investors, making it one of the most sought-after products. However, most DeFi protocols are designed keeping retail investors in mind which makes them miss out on few crucial security features. Institutional investors and enterprises handling huge amounts of funds find themselves exposed to the risk of wallets being compromised or affected by accidental and malicious transactions whenever they access DeFi protocols over unsecure channels.

  • Offer the flexibility investors deserve
  • Implement enterprise grade security for DeFi interactions
  • Protection against malicious actors

Securing DeFi Access

Liminal DeFi APIs, Dashboard and Browser Extensions are designed with multi-layer security features to enable operations within certain pre-set parameters. It connects Liminal’s HSM-based multisig and MPC wallets to DeFi protocols in a secure environment along with automation capabilities as per set organization policies.

  • Create and deploy custom DeFi investment and trading strategy directly from your secure wallet with decentralized finance APIs
  • Liminal DeFi Dashboard as the one-stop shop to interact with multiple DeFi protocols
  • Connect wallets securely to DEXs and DeFi pools through Liminal DeFi wallet browser extension

Multi-Chain DeFi

Liminal DeFi is a single place for enterprises to connect to a wide range of popular DeFi protocols on different blockchain networks. The list of supported chains continues to grow as Liminal adds all leading blockchain protocols into its fold.

  • Support for new chains added through close collaboration with core teams of each protocol
  • Partnerships with Polygon and Avalanche in place, more coming soon
  • Support for 25 leading blockchain protocols

Easy Automation and Policy Shield

With the Liminal decentralized finance DeFi solution, institutional investors, crypto fund managers and enterprises can create and implement their own trading strategies and policies to suit their requirements. By signing transactions in advance and declaring policy parameters for successful execution of transfers. Only when the transaction requests match the particulars of the policy will the transactions to and from the Liminal Wallet to the DeFi protocol of choice.

  • Use Liminal DeFi APIs to automate trading strategies
  • Define transaction policies to maintain control over your assets
  • Policy Shield ensures compliance of each transaction with predefined policies

Benefit from Low Transaction Fee

Liminal Gas Station helps with transaction needs by allowing users to decide whether they want to optimize costs or achieve quick transaction confirmations while using DeFi applications. Irrespective of the approach, the Gas Station guarantees 100% transaction confirmation under any circumstance.

  • Liminal Gas Station’s Gas Fee Saver algorithm to minimize transaction fees
  • Change Gas Fee Saver setting to high or low, to save gas costs or speed up transactions
  • Assured transaction confirmation with unlimited reattempts in case of failure or delays

Premium Support

Our team is always ready to help. If you need more information about the Liminal DeFi solution or assistance with deployment, reach out to us.
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For Developers

We have simple and efficient DeFi APIs and tools in place to help build a DeFi-ready platform for enterprise users. Check out the Liminal SDK, DeFi APIs and tools, read our extensive documentation for more information. Contact us if you need more help.


What are the security risks in DeFi?
DeFi presents certain security risks. These include smart contract vulnerabilities, code exploits, rug pulls, phishing attacks, impermanent loss in liquidity pools, oracle manipulation, and centralization risks.
How to safeguard DeFi liquidity?
To safeguard DeFi liquidity, it is crucial to diversify investments across multiple protocols, conduct thorough research on projects, utilize smart contract audits, enable multi-factor authentication, avoid sharing private keys, monitor transactions, and consider utilizing insurance platforms.
What are the common practices used by DeFi protocols for asset secuirty?
DeFi protocols employ several common practices to enhance asset security. These include implementing smart contract audits, utilizing multi-signature wallets, conducting vulnerability assessments, deploying decentralized governance mechanisms, integrating insurance protocols, and encouraging users to utilize hardware wallets for secure key management.
How does Liminal's solutions help DeFi protocols?
Liminal’s solutions offer valuable benefits to DeFi protocols. By integrating Liminal, DeFi protocols can leverage its gas fee optimization capabilities, providing users with cost-saving transactions. Additionally, Liminal’s compliance parameters enhance security and regulatory adherence, fostering a trusted environment for DeFi activities.
Which chains are supported by Liminal's Wallet solution?
Liminal’s Wallet solution supports multiple blockchain chains, including Ethereum (ETH) and its EVM-compatible chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), and more. It also extends support to other prominent chains like Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), and Fantom (FTM). It enables you to access and manage your assets across various blockchain ecosystems within a unified wallet interface.
Does Liminal's compliance parameters apply to DeFi protocols as well?
Liminal’s compliance parameters extend to DeFi protocols, ensuring a secure and compliant environment. By integrating regulatory standards and protocols, Liminal ensures users can engage in DeFi activities while adhering to applicable laws and regulations. Liminal’s compliance parameter prioritizes user protection and regulatory compliance.
Does Liminal wallet support major DeFi protocols?
Liminal Wallet supports major DeFi protocols, enabling users to interact with decentralized finance platforms seamlessly. With its compatibility across various protocols such as Uniswap, Aave, Compound, and more, Liminal wallet empowers you to engage in yield farming, lending, borrowing, and other DeFi activities, all within a unified and user-friendly interface.
How can I manage my assets better with Liminal Wallet Infrastructure?
Liminal Wallet Infrastructure empowers users to better manage their assets through a comprehensive tool suite. It offers a user-friendly interface for seamless asset tracking, portfolio management, transaction history, and easy access to DeFi protocols. With Liminal’s gas fee optimization and compliance features, users can enhance cost-efficiency and security while effectively managing their digital assets.