Instilling A New Digital Asset Custody Ecosystem For Enterprises

Liminal is enabling a robust unified workplace to optimize asset custody, asset security, compliance adherence and custom workflows for crypto-native teams.

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A Wallet Architecture Built For Efficient Transaction Processing

We work with you to redesign your crypto wallet architecture.

Set up Wallet In 3 Easy Steps

Remove Human Oriented Errors

Lower Transaction Cost Through Smart Algorithms

Get Interoperable and Seamless Wallet Connectivity

Experience Customer-Centric Approach

Multisig wallet architecture with Liminal

Incorporate Liminal’s Advanced Solutions And Optimize The True Potential Of Your Assets

Automation Capabilities Build Into Hot Wallets

For high-frequency activity, continuous monitoring and balance checks in your Hot Wallets, use automation with Liminal’s Smart Refill Wallet

Impenetrable Key Management For Zero Key Leakage

Liminal promotes self-custody through its hybrid integration of HSM, Multi-Sig and MPC Wallet architecture to provide secure private key management

Compliance and Regulation Proof Security Protocol

Prioritizing security in collaboration with compliance for assets across the platform with ISO and SOC certifications supplemented by a CCSS Qualified Security Provider Level-3 certification, making Liminal the most secure custody platform

    Advanced Multi-Entity Wallet For Scalability

    Highlighting decentralized custody by integrating Multi-Sig and MPC wallet functionalities to defeat single point-of-failure through multi-signature and multi-person for layered transaction authentication.

    Liminal Advanced Multi-Entity Wallet For Scalability

    On-Demand Concierge and Onboarding Services

    Meet our team of custodianship and treasury management experts to ease your journey into the world of Liminal and explore and select the best set of solutions for your custom needs with dedicated account managers and a comprehensive knowledge base

      Insurance Coverage Of Over $50 Million

      We have set up an insurance coverage of $50 million for our partner projects to add an extra layer of asset protection, underwritten by global specialty insurers earmarked to cover everything from hacks to key misplacement

        Encompassing Business That Put Digital Assets First And Continue Innovating The Use-Cases of Cryptocurrencies

        • Crypto Exchanges
        • Payment Gateways
        • OTC/Brokerages
        • Hedge/Also Funds
        • DeFi Protocols
        • Corporate Treasuries
        • Banks/Neo-Banks
        • Market Makers
        • Lending Desks

        Unlock A Practical Feature Stack and Scale Without Fear

        Liminal Automation

        Multi-Chain Asset Support

        Import your EVM and Non-EVM assets with a unified interface

        Wallet Infrastructure

        Save Upto 15% on Network Fee

        Settle transactions with seemingly reduced network fees for major EVM chains

        Smart Refill

        Check Your Protocols CCSS Compliance

        Investigate and authenticate your systems with our checklist to be CCSS compliant

        Gas Fee Saving

        Allocate Signatory Permissions Variably

        Define roles and permissions for various users based on their functions

        Policy Engine

        Safeguard Finality By Transaction Shield

        Verifiable transactions by Liminal signer to ensure compliance set up by your organization

        Liminal Mobile App

        Transaction Reporting and Accounting

        Track every transaction made through the wallets imported on Liminal and make accounting for digital assets seamless


        Mobile First Custody Approach

        Access your treasury, sign transaction, and create and approve policies on the go with Liminal Vaults mobile application

        Group Wallets protect you in three ways

        Liminal Multisignature Additional Layer


        Multisig wallet requires multiple signatures to spend funds. This appends an additional layer of protection to your digital assets.


        Each private key is held by a different authorized entity – all of them chosen by you, whom you trust.


        Each key and its backup are stored at a different location. A thief or natural disaster will likely steal or destroy only one key at a time. This makes it unlikely that you’ll lose more than one key at a time.

        Get started at Liminal is quick & easy.

        Number one

        Create your account

        Create your Liminal Account with email and invite your team members

        Number Two

        Setup wallet with policies

        Create Secure Wallets and set policies according to your requirements

        Number Three

        Get started with secure transactions

        Send, receive, or stake digital assets and also connect with DeFi and Web3 platforms

        Businesses love us


        How to access funds in absence of Liminal?

        All funds can be retrieved outside of Liminal by using your wallet key card.

        What measures have been implemented by Liminal to protect client data from internal teams?

        The best part about Liminal is that we never get access to your private keys, and no one from Liminal can access your funds as we deploy every possible way of information encryption on our devices and our employees.

        What if I lose my private key?

        Import your private key into your new device by using the seed phrase. We will help you at every step.

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