Avalanche Partner

Liminal introduces the Avalanche Partner Program. With the help of this association, we will provide the best digital custody platform for all the projects built on Avalanche and transact using Avalanche Crypto Tokens.

Reasons to choose Avalanche Partner Program

  • Protect your digital assets from day one
  • Multi-signature  to ensure safer transactions
  • Manage your funds and grants securely
  • Simple interface and seamless integration

Attractive benefits of Avalanche Partner Program

Following are the benefits of applying if you are building on Avalanche:

  • Price Discount* – Get about 70% discount. Pay only $ 890 per month for your first 6 months of the Avalanche wallet partner program subscription period.
  • Gas-free** -The associated fee for all your transactions processed using the special-purpose Avax wallet on Avalanche is covered by Liminal.
  • Dedicated Manager* – An expert Avalanche wallet/blockchain architect at your service.
  • Support SLA* – Queries will be answered and resolved within 24 hours of the receipt.

*These benefits are applicable if you apply for the program on or before the 31st July 2022.

*Terms & Conditions

Why choose Liminal’s special-purpose Avalanche wallet to manage your digital assets?


With Liminal’s special-purpose avalanche wallet, only the individual/ institution has possession of the digital assets because they hold/ control the private key. Plus, Liminal’s Avax wallet never gets access to your private keys.


The high-end security features safeguard your private key and ensure that your digital funds are always safe.

Corporate Access Controls

Liminal’s avalanche crypto wallet is designed for institutions. Board members can assign roles and define Avax wallet functionalities.

Multiple Protocols supported

Developers can build innovative DApps on Avalanche crypto/ blockchain by leveraging Liminal’s Avalanche wallet capabilities, which include exclusive support for other chains. With Liminal, you can use the same unified platform for multiple chains.

DeFi Integration

With Liminal multi-signature wallets, you can easily integrate and harness the potential of DeFi, plus maximize your yields without giving up the security.

Transaction Scanning

Every transaction is scanned against numerous databases to ensure AML compliance.

How to apply for the Avalanche Partner Program?

Fill Application Form

Seamlessly sign in with your social account

Internal Review

We will review this internally and get back to you with next steps

Getting started with Avalanche protocol

Tutorial for integration of Avalanche protocol using Liminal SDK

Have any queries about the program?

If you have any doubts or queries about the avalanche partner program, please feel free to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to answer your queries and resolve your doubts. The entire team at Liminal is looking forward to onboarding you. Together, let’s make the Avalanche crypto community and Web3 ecosystem better.

About Avalanche

Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications. Avalanche crypto blockchain is blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. Any smart contract-enabled application can outperform its competition by deploying on the Avalanche crypto blockchain network, as Avalanche prioritizes scalability and speed at which transactions are processed. Settlement done using Liminal’s avax wallet on the Avalanche blockchain is nearly instant, and the native token of the Avalanche blockchain (AVAX) is utilized to settle transaction processing fees and ensure network security, as well as acts as the basic unit of account among all blockchains in the network. Avalanche is fully compatible with Ethereum assets, apps, and tools with faster speeds, higher throughput, and lower fees. Avalanche crypto blockchain network allows for the launch of Ethereum dApps that confirm transactions instantly and process thousands of transactions per second, which mitigates network congestion far beyond any decentralized blockchain platform today.

About Liminal

Liminal is an automated wallet infrastructure platform that offers robust security to digital assets. An ISO 27001 and 27701 certified organisation, Liminal, is based in Singapore. Liminal enables crypto-native companies to securely scale their digital asset operations through automated, plug-and-play wallet architecture. They provide a combination of multi-signature and multi-party computation (MPC) to provide secure, efficient, and compliant access to digital assets. Its operational excellence framework provides efficient fee management, transaction confirmation guarantees, seamless onboarding, and other wallet operations, saving businesses significant development costs. Liminal’s unified interface ensures the same wallet management experience across multiple blockchains. Its proprietary regulatory readiness program, which includes AML checks, travel rules and CCSS-compliant platforms, helps projects fast-track their compliance journey.


What Is Avalanche (AVAX)?

Avalanche is a blockchain platform powered by smart contract capabilities. It helps solve the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralisation. Avalanche is based on the Proof of stake (PoS) mechanism to achieve consensus across nodes, simultaneously rewarding network participants. It supports a wide array of smart contracts-based decentralised applications on its network.

Where Can I Purchase AVAX?

Both individuals and institutions can purchase Avalanche Token (AVAX) on a well-established cryptocurrency exchange. Prior to purchasing AVAX tokens, it is better for investors to compare token prices and transaction charges across crypto exchanges. To purchase AVAX tokens, investors need a smartphone or a computing device, an internet connection, photo identification proof, and a medium of payment. After purchasing the AVAX token, you can transfer the AVAX token to your Liminal multisig wallet.

What Is Avalanche (AVAX) Token?

AVAX is the native crypto token of the Avalanche blockchain network. Avalanche token is hard-capped, which makes it one of the scares assets. It is used to pay network utilisation fees as well as to secure the platform by staking. AVAX tokens provide a basic unit of account between multiple subnets. These spans across various platforms, including the core Ethereum.

How Avalanche (AVAX) Became a Major Defi Network?

The Avalanche blockchain network provides a high-fidelity, high-security network that is cost-efficient and can process transactions quickly. Additionally, it is reliably decentralised as well as easy to use. These are among the key factors that lead to the rapid adoption of the avalanche network among Defi developers. Being among the pioneering decentralised finance protocol, the avalanche platform seeks to transform conventional financial and banking operations with the help of programmable smart contracts. Smart contracts automatically execute the transaction, hold assets, and manage funds on behalf of the investors.

What Are the Best Ways to Store Avalanche (AVAX) Coins?

As suggested by many, Cold storage wallet, also known as a hardware wallet, is one of the safest ways to hold avalanche coins or (AVAX) tokens. The cold storage wallet is not always connected to the internet, which helps secure funds against cyber threats and hackers. The downside of the cold storage wallet is the convenience factor, due to which most investors prefer to store AVAX tokens in a hot wallet. But for long-term AVAX investors, a hardware wallet is the best way to hold assets.