The Benchmark of
Digital Security 

Leading Exchanges, Web3 Startups, DAOs, and Treasuries trust Liminal’s security-first approach to secure their digital assets.
With technologies like multisig and MPC (Multi-party computation), we have made sure the highest level of security and compliance for your digital assets. Also, with certifications like ISO, and SOC2, we demonstrate the highest level of security compliance.

Let’s understand how we secure digital assets

CCSS-compliant secured organization

CCSS is the go-to compliance standard for every leading crypto platform to secure all its information systems and Liminal continuously audits its asset infrastructure with CCSS guidelines. Besides, by being Liminal’s clients you also adhere to CCSS standards.

Unparalleled protection for digital assets

Liminal uses industry-leading hardware security modules (HSMs), which are also used by regulated banks, custodians,etc. At Liminal, private keys are managed by Industry’s leading hardware wallets to avoid any compromises or attacks.

Liminal Security-centered infrastructure For Wallet

Security-centered infrastructure

Liminal’s SOC team and security-focused SIEM infrastructure is always keeping an eye on every event. Additionally, Liminal’s web infrastructure and APIs are protected with WAF(Web Application Firewall), which is a shield for web applications.

Verified accounts

Liminal utilizes Yubikey, a hardware security key, that enables a secure and reliable 2FA experience for account access. Liminal verifies each user through video verification, ID verification, etc, at multiple stages.

Transparent “Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Transparent “Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Liminal welcomes contributions from security researchers. If you believe you have found a security vulnerability that impacts Liminal, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We will do our best to reply to you in a timely fashion and periodically update you on our progress.


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Why you must need Liminal?

Liminal Security with simplicity

Security with simplicity

An easy-to-use platform where you get the next-gen robust security of digital assets against any attacks at cost-effective rates

Automated infrastructure

Liminal has an automated infrastructure where everything happens at a click of a button to reduce human errors and save time, money, and resources

Liminal Multi-Wallet Support

Multi-Wallet Support

Take the best advantage of choosing between multiple wallets like hot, cold, or refill according to your requirements


Insurance covers the risk of a financial loss. If something were to happen to the back-ups of the key, for example, physical damage, theft, etc. then the insurance of $50 million will be initiated

Dedicated Support team

We provide the best customer support to ensure that we are always around when you need us.

  • Concierge onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Comprehensive knowledge base

Leading crypto platforms trust Liminal